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Everyone wants to wear custom T-shirts, whether male or female, reason being design is chosen by you the way you want.

Let’s breakdown this indefinite pronoun “Everyone” into categories and discuss the reasons for each one.

Professionals in Corporate sector

Now a days, corporate players conduct team activities for their employees as part of corporate culture. Employee’s outfit is the foremost thing that makes difference. Companies want customize outfit mostly T-shirts for their team building activities. It is good to have customized one for these activities to promote unity. As these activities need bonding to work in a team. So if you all wear same custom T-shirts, team building activities make more sense. Bottom line is your team spirit will be high and you will be more productive at work.


Event management team

Well ,concert organizing team or any event management team would love to have customize outfit or better to say customize T-shirts which will make them unique and as a whole these event management team members would rather get a face in form T-shirt. Gradually, more people will get aware of them. It will help in brand building.


Campaign group

Moto behind any Campaign is to work in organized way so as to achieve common goal. So any campaign group wants to have customized T-shirts whether male or female, as these are easily wearable and we human gets emotionally connected with visuals. Team spirit and morale will be high as custom T-shirts make the campaign group feel more as a unit. It will further boost to achieve their goal.


Educational institution

If you are a student studying in some institution, then definitely you would agree that custom T-shirts make you guys feel psychologically as you all are equal in terms of socio-economic background. It helps students to focus more on academic rather than unnecessary topics. As custom T-shirts do not encourage students to feel dominant over others, so there will be no resentment.


Family and Friends

Last but not the least, everyone wants to wear custom T-shirt at family parties as it shows unity and at the same time looks cool as well. In friends and family party everyone wants people around should follow his or her style of dressing.


This post is regarding to minimize cost of printing of T-shirt while placing order, Many instances happened with the customer before placing order for T-shirt Printing Online and pricing & budget are vital one. There are 3 factors, in which cost of printing depends on. and they are:

  1. Number of colors in your design: Cost of printing depends on number of different color available in design. Suppose one color printing cost is Rs. 20 and if you want to print design in 1 color then cost of printing would be Rs. 20, for 2 colors printing cost would be Rs. 40, for 3 colors Rs. 60 and so on.
  2. Quantity: Cost of printing also depends on quantity, For example: If you are going to place order of 10 pieces T-shirt then 1 color printing cost would be Rs. 45, If order is 25 pieces then 1 color printing cost would be Rs. 35, for order more than 50 pieces, 1 color cost would be Rs. 25, for 100 pieces 1 color cost Rs 15, for 500 pieces 1 color cost Rs. 9 etc.
  3. Printing Location: In T-shirt you have more than 4-5 locations (FRONT, BACK, LEFT SLEEVE, RIGHT SLEEVE, BOTTOM CORNER) where you can print your own design. Suppose you have 2 different designs and both are in single color and you want to print on two different location then you have pay separately for both printing means Rs 20 for one location and again Rs 20 for second location.

You can understand to minimize cost of printing by 3 factors which are explained above.

Sometimes customers think that T-shirt will look aesthetic after printing if they have multi-color design or design with 3-4 colors, but it’s not always right. It is completely depends on design. You can have many aesthetic designs in even 1 color. Some designs look beautiful in multi color and some look beautiful in even 1 color. Many big brand logos are in one color and when they print on T-shirt, it always looks beautiful.

If you have small pieces of order below 50 pieces  or have low budget then try to put less number of colors in your design and do print on minimum location as much as you can but for bulk order you can have multi color design & multi location printing because of low cost of printing which you will get in bulk order. is the first online store to get Stylish & Trendy custom T-shirt with your own design. Design T-shirt Online, Design Polo T-shirt Online, T-shirt Printing Online India.

Are you bored with basic custom t-shirts? If you are thinking to buy personalized t-shirt, probably you would buy basic round neck t-shirt, collar t-shirt, sleeveless t-shirt, tank top etc. with your design printing.

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Here some photos of our custom round neck t-shirts, where you can multiple colors as minimum as 10 pieces with high quality screen printing.Stylish Custom T-shirt Online


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Here stylish custom tank top for men & women. 100% cotton t-shirts are available to personalize with customer’s design.



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Difference between screen printing and digital printing


When you want to purchase personalized T-shirt then always you heard about digital printing and screen printing but as a end consumer you don’t have technical definition of both printing method, also you don’t know which method of printing will be best for your customized T-shirt. Here is a blog for Digital printing and Screen printing, it will help you to choose right printing method for your order.

What is Digital Printing?

This is nothing but direct to garment printing. In digital printing, the printing process uses a printer head to apply ink directly on your T-shirt, just like paper printing process. Direct to garment printing method is done by DTG printer.

Pros of Digital Printing

  • Preferable for low quantities, even 1 piece can be done because of low setup cost
  • Preferable for photo printing or Design which has gradient color
  • Easy to print multiple colors
  • Great for photographic design printing
  • Capable of reproducing any type of graphic

Cons of Digital Printing

  • Exact color matching not guaranteed
  • Printing area size is limited to size of the printer or it’s set-up
  • Will not be cost effective for large orders.
  • Will not be long lasting on fabric

What Is Screen Printing?

Since its introduction back in 1907, screen printing has been the most commonly used printing method for custom T-shirts. Another common name for screen printing is silkscreen printing. In the start of this process, the artwork is first burned into the mesh screens. Next, you will load the screens to a printing machine and then add in the ink that will be used. Note that for screen printing, each color is printed separately so each color has its own mesh screen. The last step is to let ink on the T-shirts dry out.

It is highly beneficial for large quantities of order and it is very cost effective.

Pros of Screen Printing

  • Preferable for large quantities, because of high setup cost, we need to create screen for each separate color.
  • Preferable for designs which has constant color, not preferable for photo printing or Design which has gradient color
  • Cost effective for limited colors design which is up to 4 colors
  • Great durability and long lasting on fabric
  • Looks professionally

Cons of Screen Printing

  • Cannot print photographic designs or design which has gradient color
  • May have color limits
  • It is not cost effective for low quantities.


We hope this helps you determine which method would best for your customized T-shirt.

Fonts are neither right nor wrong; all depend on the context of using it. You can use your own judgment and taste to choose an appropriate font. Of course, judgment and taste are skills and just like any other skill, they improve with practice.

Fonts are the key decider for the sell of your design. It can make your design world famous or break your brand.

For a text based T-shirt design, we’re talking about words and typefaces- or fonts. Get familiar with some of the jargons used in this design type.

Typography: The art of using text.

Typeface: The overall appearance and aesthetic of text (Example: Times New Roman)

 Font: A typeface meeting particular size, weight

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, after dropping out from college, decided to take a class in typography, which he credited with playing a major role in Apple’s Mac success.

3 key factors for choosing Font

Three deciding factors are there to figure out which Font to choose for customizing T-shirt design.

  1. Influencing Group
    One should choose Font that can fit with the persona of the end user group. Particular target group can emotionally connect with the Font style.
  2. Message to convey
    Font style is closely related to type of message one wants to communicate to end users. Is your T-shirt quote has a warm, friendly feel? Or something a little more bold and straightforward?
  3. Presentation
    Last but not the least presentation factor is important as well to choose Font style. If presentation of words are loud and clear is of the upmost importance, you’ll want to go with a font that is easy to read. However, if the design itself is more important than the actual words, then choosing a decorative display Font might be better option to go with.

Following are some suggestions that can help you arrive at your perfect typeface. So let’s cover the four basic types of fonts:


2.Sans Serif


4.Display (or Decorative)

The top two, Serif and Sans Serif, are both commonly used for smaller text in a design because they’re very comprehensible, but not all that exciting and eye catching. Script and Display fonts, however, typically serve best as the focal point of a t-shirt design. Having said that, there is no hard fast rule to stick to listed fonts. Keep experimenting with different fonts. Gradually you will develop taste of choosing fonts as per the factors said.



Developing your own taste and judgment is an important part of being a designer, but you should never stick to your viewpoint only. For a successful design, other people too have to connect with the same emotion, that’s why it’s advised to always get a second opinion from some trustful people. But be aware of not  to take opinions from someone who will shoot down every idea you thought of, and you don’t want a “yes man” either who will praise every single design no matter what they look like. So, pick someone with good taste or rather take feedback from target end usergroup.

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