Custom Printed T-shirt India

Whether you have a small, mid-sized or big business or planning to run one, you probably need to market your products and services.

Promotional activities provide an opportunity for you to interact with your customers and know about their likes and dislikes. We’ll focus on ways to use T-shirts to promote your business.

Here are 5 easy and effective ways to use custom printed T-shirts for your promotion strategy:

  1. A social media goodies

Social media is a great platform to promote your products and services. There are multiple social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and lot many. Today, people are highly influenced by these social channels. So if you are thinking to do promotion and advertisement of your products and services, just be on top of these channels. Ask people to like, comment, and share and subscribe your brand page and win awesome custom printed Tshirts. It’s a good way for promoting your brand as online users get a cool T-shirt just by few clicks.

  1. A bonus Customized Tees

Everyone loves to have bonus things whether it is bonus salary or a bonus Custom T-shirt. Are you planning to promote your new product or service? Get ready with custom T-shirts or design Polo T-shirts every time a customer buys your new product. Customers enjoy freebies and possibilities are there that they will encourage others as well.

  1. An employee prize

Employee’s working attitude can make or break your business. Company or business brand depends upon your employees. As a business or company owner, take care of your valuable employees and make them to think that they are important for your business. There are few key employees in your business or organisation, do not forget them to show your appreciation by sharing a nice felicitation mail with custom Polo T-shirts  or embroidery t shirts gift voucher link or personally award them with custom Tshirts. These types of appreciation really matter to make healthy work culture. And when employees are happy then definitely mouth of word will work to promote your business.

  1. A reward for loyalty

We all have heard Customer is King. But in real sense you need to act accordingly for your loyal customers. Customers who regularly visit and spend significant amounts on your products or services should be rewarded with some freebies. Buying out online customized T shirts is in trends now days. It is great an idea to offer them nice custom embroidery t shirts for using your services or products. This helps your brand to make good customer relationship and making your brand more customers centric. And we all know customer plays major role in any business promotion.

  1. In-person marketing

As an event management company, you are organising any event for your client. It will be a great idea if you can try out some custom Polo T-shirts with embroidery logo of your brand as a uniform. These custom Tshirts are helpful when you are serving customers. Your brand T-shirt lets your clients know about you.


Personalized T-shirt brings plenty of creative ideas to promote your organisation or business and build strong customer base. Everyone is excited about Custom T-shirts and if you are offering them for free just to promote your business then nothing is better than this. It is kind of win-win situation for both of you.

Custom Printed T-shirt Online

Build a Unique Impression and Stand Out of Crowd with Custom Printed T-Shirts

Making your design stand out of crowd depends upon two factors naming unique artwork and marketing .Yea; if you guys are thinking only unique nice artwork will do everything for you, then change your thinking.  If you want something to be noticed, you have to make it known to people; you can’t keep it with yourself. Otherwise you are not even standing in crowd. That’s why both factors should work parallel.

Let’s talk on unique artwork or design….

Unique design for custom printed t-shirt

To design your own t-shirt online, apart from online design tool, listed below are some points you should keep in mind.

  1. Target audience

Before trying out your creative skill to build unique design, you need to know your customer. What type of customer you want to target? Do you want to build your custom printed t-shirt design for senior citizen or mid age group? Or are you making for teenagers and kids? Is it for any particular event (say…corporate team activity, any concert or any campaign)? All these queries you should research to lay your groundwork.

  1. Artwork or Design

Now comes your creative artwork skill to build unique eye catching design for your t-shirt.

Let’s breakdown this vital point…..

A) T-shirt type

Are you trying your hand to design hoodies or customize polo t-shirts?

There are many forms of t-shirt available, naming a few…

Round neck, V-neck, Half sleeves, Full sleeves, Hoodies, Crop top, Raglan T-shirt, Ringer T-shirt, Tank top, Sleeveless T-shirt etc.

So you need to choose one option which fits best for your target audience.

B) Design type

Are you thinking to create text based design, any image based or hybrid one?

For only text based design you should be good with the typography, art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. Proper fonts and size should be taken care.

There are hell lot of fonts available, some of the font styles are discuss below:

  • Serif: Serif fonts have little lines attached the ends of their letters. They’re generally thought to look more serious or traditional.
  • Sans-Serif: These fonts don’t have the extra lines on the ends of letters. For that reason these look more modern and streamlined.
  • Script: Scripts are cursive- or handwriting-style fonts. They generally have connecting letters. You’ll find that script fonts come in many different styles, from elegant to fun.
  • Decorative / Display: These fonts are eye catcher and are meant to get your attention. They’re often more unusual and should be used for a specific effect or purpose.

For image or hybrid based design, try to design some unique custom t-shirts that can captivate your beholders and design should resemble with target customer, means customer should able to emotionally connect with your design.

c) Colour model

Different Colour combinations will play a major role in this design work. Consider Global colours, in case you are using Adobe Illustrator.

You can use two of the colour models as discussed below.

The CMYK colour model (process colour, four colour) is a subtractive colour model, used in colour printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself. CMYK refers to the four inks used in some colour printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black).

When producing spot colour files (which use specified ink colours other than CMYK) each colour is selected from the Pantone swatch library. The commercial printer uses a specified mixing formula for each Pantone colour to ensure accurate colour matching.

  1. Printing option

Well many printing methods are available; I will be discussing two of those.

Screen printing

This is older technique in t-shirt printing. It is a great option if you’re working on a large project

DTG (Direct to garment) printing

This is relatively new method in t-shirt printing industry and works well for white garments. It offers you full colour printing and supports one-off design.


Now, after designing and printing your unique masterpiece let’s throw some light on marketing stuff so that you can showcase your work. Let the people know about you and your t-shirt printing website.

Launching any new product or service isn’t what is used to be (hiring PR agency to craft press release and set up a press tour).In the era of digital world, apart from traditional marketing, you can do online marketing as well to promote your t-shirt design website.

Some of the key marketing strategies:

  1. Research competitors-you need to perform SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis. Evaluate how your new product or service will stand up against what’s already being offered by your competitors.
  2. Offer customers an exclusive preview of your new product. This can take the form of a private, pre-launch party or an online preview.
  3. Email marketing-Email newsletters allow you to easily share news of your product, photos, and information with customers.
  4. Share in social media platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest, so on.
  5. Host promotion events.
  6. Bloggingis a great way to promote your store.


Now you have your masterpiece and showcase platform as well, let the world know your t-shirt printing design and your brand value. These two factors will definitely make you stand out of crowd and count your presence in world of custom printed T-shirts design industry.

Happy design TEES..!!

Custom T-shirt Online

Everyone wants to wear custom T-shirts, whether male or female, reason being design is chosen by you the way you want.

Let’s breakdown this indefinite pronoun “Everyone” into categories and discuss the reasons for each one.

Professionals in Corporate sector

Now a days, corporate players conduct team activities for their employees as part of corporate culture. Employee’s outfit is the foremost thing that makes difference. Companies want customize outfit mostly T-shirts for their team building activities. It is good to have customized one for these activities to promote unity. As these activities need bonding to work in a team. So if you all wear same custom T-shirts, team building activities make more sense. Bottom line is your team spirit will be high and you will be more productive at work.


Event management team

Well ,concert organizing team or any event management team would love to have customize outfit or better to say customize T-shirts which will make them unique and as a whole these event management team members would rather get a face in form T-shirt. Gradually, more people will get aware of them. It will help in brand building.


Campaign group

Moto behind any Campaign is to work in organized way so as to achieve common goal. So any campaign group wants to have customized T-shirts whether male or female, as these are easily wearable and we human gets emotionally connected with visuals. Team spirit and morale will be high as custom T-shirts make the campaign group feel more as a unit. It will further boost to achieve their goal.


Educational institution

If you are a student studying in some institution, then definitely you would agree that custom T-shirts make you guys feel psychologically as you all are equal in terms of socio-economic background. It helps students to focus more on academic rather than unnecessary topics. As custom T-shirts do not encourage students to feel dominant over others, so there will be no resentment.


Family and Friends

Last but not the least, everyone wants to wear custom T-shirt at family parties as it shows unity and at the same time looks cool as well. In friends and family party everyone wants people around should follow his or her style of dressing.


This post is regarding to minimize cost of printing of T-shirt while placing order, Many instances happened with the customer before placing order for T-shirt Printing Online and pricing & budget are vital one. There are 3 factors, in which cost of printing depends on. and they are:

  1. Number of colors in your design: Cost of printing depends on number of different color available in design. Suppose one color printing cost is Rs. 20 and if you want to print design in 1 color then cost of printing would be Rs. 20, for 2 colors printing cost would be Rs. 40, for 3 colors Rs. 60 and so on.
  2. Quantity: Cost of printing also depends on quantity, For example: If you are going to place order of 10 pieces T-shirt then 1 color printing cost would be Rs. 45, If order is 25 pieces then 1 color printing cost would be Rs. 35, for order more than 50 pieces, 1 color cost would be Rs. 25, for 100 pieces 1 color cost Rs 15, for 500 pieces 1 color cost Rs. 9 etc.
  3. Printing Location: In T-shirt you have more than 4-5 locations (FRONT, BACK, LEFT SLEEVE, RIGHT SLEEVE, BOTTOM CORNER) where you can print your own design. Suppose you have 2 different designs and both are in single color and you want to print on two different location then you have pay separately for both printing means Rs 20 for one location and again Rs 20 for second location.

You can understand to minimize cost of printing by 3 factors which are explained above.

Sometimes customers think that T-shirt will look aesthetic after printing if they have multi-color design or design with 3-4 colors, but it’s not always right. It is completely depends on design. You can have many aesthetic designs in even 1 color. Some designs look beautiful in multi color and some look beautiful in even 1 color. Many big brand logos are in one color and when they print on T-shirt, it always looks beautiful.

If you have small pieces of order below 50 pieces  or have low budget then try to put less number of colors in your design and do print on minimum location as much as you can but for bulk order you can have multi color design & multi location printing because of low cost of printing which you will get in bulk order. is the first online store to get Stylish & Trendy custom T-shirt with your own design. Design T-shirt Online, Design Polo T-shirt Online, T-shirt Printing Online India.

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