This post is regarding to minimize cost of printing of T-shirt while placing order, Many instances happened with the customer before placing order for T-shirt Printing Online and pricing & budget are vital one. There are 3 factors, in which cost of printing depends on. and they are:

  1. Number of colors in your design: Cost of printing depends on number of different color available in design. Suppose one color printing cost is Rs. 20 and if you want to print design in 1 color then cost of printing would be Rs. 20, for 2 colors printing cost would be Rs. 40, for 3 colors Rs. 60 and so on.
  2. Quantity: Cost of printing also depends on quantity, For example: If you are going to place order of 10 pieces T-shirt then 1 color printing cost would be Rs. 45, If order is 25 pieces then 1 color printing cost would be Rs. 35, for order more than 50 pieces, 1 color cost would be Rs. 25, for 100 pieces 1 color cost Rs 15, for 500 pieces 1 color cost Rs. 9 etc.
  3. Printing Location: In T-shirt you have more than 4-5 locations (FRONT, BACK, LEFT SLEEVE, RIGHT SLEEVE, BOTTOM CORNER) where you can print your own design. Suppose you have 2 different designs and both are in single color and you want to print on two different location then you have pay separately for both printing means Rs 20 for one location and again Rs 20 for second location.

You can understand to minimize cost of printing by 3 factors which are explained above.

Sometimes customers think that T-shirt will look aesthetic after printing if they have multi-color design or design with 3-4 colors, but it’s not always right. It is completely depends on design. You can have many aesthetic designs in even 1 color. Some designs look beautiful in multi color and some look beautiful in even 1 color. Many big brand logos are in one color and when they print on T-shirt, it always looks beautiful.

If you have small pieces of order below 50 pieces  or have low budget then try to put less number of colors in your design and do print on minimum location as much as you can but for bulk order you can have multi color design & multi location printing because of low cost of printing which you will get in bulk order. is the first online store to get Stylish & Trendy custom T-shirt with your own design. Design T-shirt Online, Design Polo T-shirt Online, T-shirt Printing Online India.

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